Propane for Your Farm

We are a support to our local farmers by providing prompt delivery, a fair price and a reliable, long-lasting partnership 

Here in southeast Ohio, our farms play an important role in our community. They are important to us and we are dedicated to meeting their needs so they continue to thrive.

Find the right fit. We help you determine the right size for you. Every operation is different. We work together to determine the right size and number of tanks needed to keep you up and running. We can provide you with a tank as small as a 320 gallon to multiple 1,000 gallon tanks depending on the size of your operation.

Agriculture Services

Grain Drying – We know that farming and drying is dependent on the weather, and you have to “make hay when the sun shines” so to speak, so you can rely on us to deliver when you need it the most. Many of our grain dryer customers have the cell phone number of one of our drivers to ensure you always have direct contact with us.

Barn Heat – When you raise young livestock, we understand the importance of propane to heat your barns. We work with multiple farms across our service area ensuring that they have the right supply of propane to keep their young animals growing and healthy. We can install a tank monitor, ensuring you never run out, and your barns stay warm no matter what the temperature outside may be.

If you are interested in any of our propane services or have any questions, please contact us today.

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