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Partnering with local businesses is one way we serve our community.

We continuously expand our commercial offerings, striving to meet every propane need our community may have. You may have used our dispenser at your local feed store, eaten from a food truck that uses one of our hundred pound tanks at a festival, exchanged a grill tank for one of ours at a gas station, switched out a forklift tank at the warehouse where you work, or stayed warm at a construction site that uses one of our bulk tanks.

Find the right fit. We help you determine the right size for you. To best meet the needs of our customers we offer a variety of tank sizes and payment options. Our smallest residential tank, a 100 pound cylinder is best for homes that have little propane usage such as a single stove or wall heater. Our larger bulk tanks are best for whole home heating and additional appliances. These bulk tank sizes range from 320 gallon, 500 gallon and 1,000 gallon above and underground tanks. Most customers lease an above ground tank from us. Currently we are offering sale of underground tanks to customers who choose that option. *Usage of a backup generator only requires purchase of a bulk tank. Our buying options include our Smart Tank Monitoring System, as well as monthly budgets and 30 day terms. You can learn more about each of these options below. Questions? please feel free to contact us.

Commercial Services

Grill Tank Exchange Cages:

With hundreds of locations across Ohio, our grill tank exchanges are reliable, clean and serviced frequently, ensuring that your store will not run out, especially on those important holiday weekends. When you choose to partner with us we will provide you with an aluminum cage, tanks, and signage.


We service local warehouses, factories and similar operations by providing propane service to their propane powered forklifts. We offer two fill options to best meet your needs.

  •  On-Site Fill: If you already own your forklift tanks, we bring a bulk delivery truck to you roughly every two weeks or as needed and fill all tanks on site.
  • Tank Delivery: If you do not own your tanks, we will install a cage, provide forklift tanks and refill the cage with full tanks as needed. 


Serve customers at your local hardware, feed, or RV store with a dispenser. Customers can bring their empty cylinders to you, and your trained staff can easily fill their cylinders. We provide you with the tank, dispenser, training and competitive pricing. Our dispenser tanks are equipped with tank monitors, so you’ll never have to worry about the tank running out and having to turn away customers.

Temporary Heating at Construction Sites:

In our growing partnerships with with contractors and construction companies who need to heat the job site, we furnish the tank, and tank monitor if requested, ensuring that your site always has enough heat to keep your build on schedule and moving forward.

Food Vendors and Mobile Food Trucks:

With more entrepreneurs entering the food truck industry, we are happy to supply you with as many100 pound cylinders needed to fulfill customer orders. We can come to you in our bulk truck to refill your tank or you can drive the food truck to us and we will fill them here on site. For local festivals, we can set up all 100 pound cylinders for you or your vendors on site for the week or weekend. We work to supply you with enough tanks up front to run you the length of the festival.

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